Welcome Farmers!

Do your cows enjoy the grass under their hooves with the freedom to run around and graze pastures every day of the year?  Free Range 365 is a grass roots effort by real dairy farmers that are committed to preserving a way of life for their cows and their families. 


So, if you are interested in becoming FR365 certified, and you meet our qualifications, contact us and we will get you on your way to becoming Free Range 365 certified.  No other certification of its type exists.

Together we hope to educate consumers and shed a light on our unique method of farming that, as you know, is threatened and rapidly becoming extinct.  We estimate milk from free range cows is now less than 35% of the total milk produced in the southeast. Our hope is, by self promoting the unique qualities of our milk, we can sell more local milk and other dairy products. 


All dairy farmers (conventional and free range) will benefit by offering our consumers an additional option.